Executive Box – Shiny Black Lack(Pre-Sale)

220.00 (inc. VAT)

The Executive Box is designed to be the center piece of your office table. So all phones are right in front of you, but with all phone signals blocked.

Natychmiast blokuje wszystkie sygnały. GPS / Wi-Fi / EMF / Kamera / Mikrofon / Bluetooth / Komórkowa / RFID / NFC /

Signal Blocker Products is the designer and producer of The Executive Box.

Wyprodukowano i zaprojektowano w Holandii i wyprodukowano w Chinach.

Jeśli chcesz zamówić więcej niż 10 sztuk do swojego biura, biura lub coworkingu, skontaktuj się z nami w sprawie cen niestandardowych._

Shipping Information

Like all startup products we are optimising the supply chain and logistics with every round of fabrication and sales.

We kept the sales price of The Conversation Box as low as possible, because a solid box like this is heavy in shipments and we realize shipping has more costs at this moment. 

Please Contact us for shipment outside of Europe for custom prices.