The New Normal
Get back to uninterrupted
focused moments
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Confidential work conversations
No wiretapping for you and
your partners: stay off the radar.
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Keep secret Top Secret
No wiretapping or eavesdropping risks
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No distractions
Show your clients that you care about
their privacy and give
them your full attention.
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Safe and trusted environment
Private space to build and be
the best without limitations.
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Spyware is one of the most dangerous issues in todays world.

Protect yourself and others against clandestine recordings, wiretapping and eavesdropping of your conversations and business meetings.

Designed for

Our products have been researched and developed in The Netherlands specifically to meet the high standard conditions of these professions

Law enforcement and Defense/ Military

Embassies and Consulates

Lawyers, Notaries and Judges

CEO’s of Companies

Bankers and Fiscal Consultants


Academics and Scientists


Biotech and Technology companies

Copyright Consultants

University Professors


Use during


Be part of The New Normal.
Privacy can be as simple as it is secure.

About Signal Blocker Products

Signal Blocker Products are designed in The Netherlands and the result of 5-year investigation and development with a passion for privacy security concerning new spyware technologies. Development in both areas goes fast, so we find ourselves constantly testing new situations with the latest devices. 

Although spyware technologies could get very complex, the solutions to remain private, for you and your clients should be simple and 100% full proof.

About Signal Blocker Products

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