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Monday to Friday: 11h - 17h (UTC+2)
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Is The Conversation Box tested? How do I know if it works?

The Conversation box is tested on Mobile Phone Signal Blocking of Geolocation, Wifi networks, Radiation, Eavesdropping (microphone access) Bluetooth, at the Universtity Polytechnic de Catalunya. The Conversation Box is to be used indoors. We can not guarantee that when you are in range than 50 meters in the open air outside a mast it will work 100%.

Are you shipping everywhere in the world?

We have our warehouse in Spain and start to ship first to Europe. Secure packaging and professional distribution companies is securing delivery to your doorstep, with package tracking available.

How much will The Conversation Box sell for?

The Conversation Box in the 4 colors will initially sell for 80 euros per piece, excluding VAT. Bulk prices are available on request, please get in touch or check out our special deals on Indigogo. 


Are people using the box already?

The conversation box has been used by various laywer firms and accountants and Coworking Spaces. Please see the testimonials for their experiences. 


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