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The Conversation Box is designed to be the center piece of your meeting table. So all phones are right in front of you, but with all phone signals blocked.

Blocks all Signals instantly. GPS / Wifi / EMF / Camera / Microphone / Bluetooth / Cellular / RFID / NFC /

Signal Blocker Products is the designer and producer of The Conversation Box.
Made and designed in the Netherlands and manufactured in China.

Please contact us for custom prices if you would like to order more than 10 for your Bureau, Office, or Coworking._

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One Conversation includes 4 faraday cages and can contain up to 8 phones.
4 phones 100% protected from outside and each-other.

With 8 phones there are 2 phones in one compartment, although they are blocked from outside signals. They could still transmit data to bluetooth with each-other. So when opting for more than 1 phone per compartment, turn off bluetooth for full security. Also works for Smart watches, Car keys and Airpods.

Custom made RFID material, specific composition of copper aluminium and nickel.
Double layer RFID material to ensure the faraday cage effect 360 degrees.

The outside material is a robust easy to clean, textured thick PU leather. Durable quality material.

The inside material is black velvet, soft for your phones.


1 >  Open the Box        2 > Put your phone inside.       3 > Close


Thats it. No plugs, No batteries, no crazy jamming tech. Just secure blocking all signals from your phone to the outside and the other phones in the Box using custom Faraday Materials.

Would you like to include your car-keys or smart watch there too? No problem. Wiretapping risk doesn't exist with just this simple action. So you can relax and focus on that conversation, meeting or brainstorm session.

The soft top cover with RFID material, presses into the vertical sides of the box to ensure it's sealed off completely. In fact the Conversation box contains <strong>4 faraday cages</strong>, at which we are the only ones providing 4 closed containers so the phones that are inside are protected from each other. Since you never know which phone is bugged.
Run no risks.




The quality is in the details

Weight 1.7 kg
Dimensions 24 × 22 × 15 cm

Shipping Information

Like all startup products we are optimising the supply chain and logistics with every round of fabrication and sales.

We kept the sales price of The Conversation Box as low as possible, because a solid box like this is heavy in shipments and we realize shipping has more costs at this moment. 

Please Contact us for shipment outside of Europe for custom prices.